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Hi, I'm Gayle (: This is my Simblr. I take requests.


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Anonymous Please come back!!!!!11 I love you!!

Awe who is this?

5 months ago    
simsareaveragemlia Come back! :C I would love to see more of your sims.

Awe you’re a doll. I’m not sure if I’ll come back anytime soon. If I do, perhaps over summer break. The fandom is sort of really judgmental and I don’t want to be apart of it but I do like sharing sims.

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do i even want to come back???

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going on hiatus

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'do you wanna learn how to talk, Leyla?'


'that's all you can say'


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on my way to steal yo gurl

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'dis is actually easy'

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'get out of here im learning to pee gosh'

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